One of EOS Detroit’s most cherished values is our dedication to radical transparency. It is the team’s pleasure to announce two initiatives aimed at strengthening our commitment to that value.

The first initiative is a transparency page that lists any owners who hold shares in EOS Detroit, regardless of percentage. The page will also list the founder’s fair market values and salary amounts that are used to calculate ownership through the company’s Slicing Pie dynamic equity arrangement. The arrangement rewards team members with equity relative to the amount of effort and value brought to the company. In addition, it helps keep cash burn low, ensuring the financial security of the block producer.

Display this badge proudly if you are using DAPP Network services!

EOS Detroit is pleased to announce support for the DAPP Network, an incentivized scaling solution on the EOS network built by the team behind Bancor and LiquidEOS. The DAPP Network aims to provide developers with more economical alternatives to EOS resources through a new type of node called a DAPP Services Provider (DSP). EOS Detroit’s DSP cluster is currently undergoing testing to build confidence in the setup. It has been “soft launched” with more technical details coming in future articles.

On the night of May 21, 1921, $26 million was burned to the ground. The infamous Tulsa Race Riot targeted 35 blocks of Black American businesses and residences. Within 16 hours the Ku Klux Klan of Tulsa decimated thriving economic growth that had spurred as a result of large numbers of Black Americans migrating west to escape the socio-economic constraints of the south in the hopes of finding sustaining prosperity. Instead, fortunes were lost.


The crowd being mesmerized by the current pitch.

On February 28th, 2019, over 200 people from around the world came to witness the inaugural DBC Pitchfest (powered by Detroit Fintech Bay). When EOS Detroit started planning this event with the Detroit Blockchain Center a little over two months ago, nobody could foresee that the event would turn out 200+ attendees and end up as the highest profile blockchain-related event that Southeast Michigan has seen in quite some time. New relationships were forged and old ones fostered, as the community came together to support and learn about startups working in the fintech and blockchain industries. The Detroit Blockchain Center raised approximately $5000 to be used towards bootstrapping costs. It would not have been possible to pull off the Pitchfest without the help of various sponsors who contributed both cash towards event logistics, and digital assets to incorporate into prize packages for the winning teams as well as gifts to attendees. Also, a special thanks to all who helped make the event successful with their time and labor, and in particular Adam Zientarski who orchestrated the planning and logistics of the overall production.