EOS Detroit Inc. is currently 100% owned by Robert Konsdorf, pending a dynamic equity allocation plan set in motion by a trigger such as meeting certain business profitability metrics for a sustained and defined period of time. Members of EOS Detroit earn slices based on how much value they create for the company as well as at-risk contributions (cash), represented as the unit "slices." Once one of the pre-defined events is triggered, EOS Detroit team members stop earning slices and the actual shares are granted and vest after a certain period of time once granted.

Dynamic Equity Pool as 4/30/2020
Dynamic Equity Pool represents 55% of EOS Detroit's 10,000,000 shares (5,500,000)

Slices as Future Company Ownership as of 4/30/2020
Percentages reflect portion of 10,000,000 total shares

Fair Market Values

Fair Market Values represent the rate at which a current EOS Detroit team member earns slices. The company is gradually progressing into paying full cash salaries as the business matures.

Team Member Title FMV (USD)
Robert Konsdorf CEO $110,000
Adam Zientarski COO $110,000
Charlie Dumont CTO $110,000
Lars Kommienezuspadt Media Producer $80,000
John Camunag Site Reliability Engineer $100,000


Block Production Revenue

Our earnings will be used to scale our operations up on in personnel and server hardware, to fund product development and grant EOS network resources to our DApps, and to build out the community outreach aspect of our mission.

Allocation of funds graph coming soon.


RAM Reservations

Our policy at EOS Detroit is to maintain transparency with regards to reservations of RAM, which can be seen below.



Openess & Transparency
Our works are open source. Our team values information transparency in our day to day operations internally. We also offer financial transparency in our business and to the community.
We will always operate independently from other block producers, except when coordinating with other peers on the network to implement a duty of block producers. We pledge never to own a stake in any other block producer entities.
Global & Local Support
EOS is a part of a global movement with a hyper-local focus. The solutions we build to serve local and distributed communities, will bridge the divide between global and local, melding them into one.
We are a community infrastructure company. This means that we build and promote tools that empower individuals in communities to contribute and earn value using distributed applications.
Our company founder ownership is dynamically allocated. We believe in harnessing the transformative power of Blockchain networks to help as many as possible, and we put doing good for people above all else.
Trustworthy & Stable
We provide the community with a robust BP infrastructure via our bare-metal fleet of nodes. Multiple founders on our team have developed reputation as trustworthy assets in a variety of communities.
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