Our Team

EOS DETROIT has scoured the globe and assembled a diverse team of talented individuals to embark on a journey across the blockchain landscape. Though the backstories may differ, the shared focus of the team drives them forward.

A two-time tech startup co-founder with 8 years of experience in the crypto/blockchain industry, Jerry has a knack for indentifying developing trends before most. In addition to adopting Bitcoin in 2013, he has 16 years of experience running a Web Development company. His Motto - “Cryptos Run Through My Blood”

Jerry Rucker

Managing Director

Adam Zientarski

Chief Operating Officer

Jon Camunag

Chief Information Officer

Karyne developed a passion for computer science after realizing she enjoyed building things. For the last few years Karyne has been focusing on front end development and specially UX/UI in order to push our user experience forward. When away from the computer, she enjoys the company of 5 dogs and 2 cats!

Karyne Mayer

Engineering Manager

Eric Kociba

General Counsel

Bozz has made a career for himself working in public education for the past twenty years. As Technology Director of a school district he deals with all facets of technology including, software, servers, printers, end user training, web design, and network management. In 2017 he began his blockchain journey and has used his free time to learn and explore the growing sector.

Jay Bosworth

Staff Writer

Over time my interests led me to focus on UI/UX Design and Front-end development, which really allows me to enjoy software development and art in a unique craft. Being able to connect all this with the amazing world of NFTs and blockchains is quite the opportunity! Who could say no to that?

Alexandre Santos

Frontend Engineer

Eduardo spent years thinking that he was a back-end person, until he had his first experience with web development. Being able to see his code shaping the interface really sparked his curiosity and he knew the path he wanted to take. Now Eduardo can focus on delivering great experiences to users, providing them joy with the solutions he creates.

Eduardo Jaeger

Frontend Engineer

She never knows what to put in these things. Legal, media, honey bees. ¯\(ツ)/¯

Francis Krabbe


Our Board

The EOS DETROIT Board of Directors positions are held by some of the “founding fathers” of the company. They assist with Strategy, Mentorship, and Oversight of the EOS DETROIT team.

I'm a builder, digital nomad, Startup Founder & CEO with interests in applying blockchain technology to improve the human condition.

Rob Konsdorf

Chairman of the Board

I joined my first start up doing HIPAA compliance and electronic payment remission. Sometime later I continued on with various medical startups and worked at a digital marketing firm where I met Rob.

Charlie Dumont

Board Member

Adam Zientarski

Board Member

Kenith Lewis

Board Member

Brian is an artist, multidisciplinary engineer & entrepreneur. For the past decade, his focus has been on developing autonomous food production systems through founding and building multiple businesses in the indoor farming industry. Has been involved with blockchain technologies & cryptocurrency since 2013

Brian Falther

Board Member